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Entertainment / special events

jazz, latin, pop, musical, gospel
How to book Marianne Benz
In a duo, quartet or with the Erich Gandet Quintet.
Further information on request.


Lovesongs, pop, musical, gospel, jazz, latin
How to book Marianne Benz
Are you looking for just the right musical accompaniment for your wedding service? Solo or in a duo, with or without a piano player? Marianne Benz would love to help you with suggestions. In addition to musical contributions, Marianne has a liturgical and theological background to help you think through your entire service and make it a festive and memorable event.

Private teaching for solo vocal performance in contemporary music and voice training

jazz, latin, pop, musical, rock, funk, gospel
Based on the solid foundations of classical vocal training, Marianne Benz, together with her student, builds up a repertoire in the fore mentioned styles. In that process, she emphasizes on forming and strengthening the voice. The student should get to know his/her voice so well that (s)he can use his/her voice appropriately in any given style. In the lessons, Marianne Benz works specifically on vocal technique, interpretation and improvisation.
Seven years of secondary school teaching bring Marianne Benz a rich background of pedagogic experience. She is a professional singer and voice teacher acknowledged by the Swiss Association for the Pedagogy of Music (SMPV). She also teaches solo vocalists at the private school “Free Voice” in Zurich.
For a sample lesson, contact Marianne Benz.
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